• How therapy can improve your relationships.

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Self Discovery Therapy is a process of self-discovery and can assist people to deal more effectively with situations in your life such as a loss of a loved one or living with illness. One of the most useful benefits of therapy is often an improvement in our health and well being.

We all have inner talents inside of us that we may not have yet explored, or we have discovered our talents and simply don’t know where to begin. One question that I like to ask my clients is “If you had a million dollars, what could you see yourself doing with your life? 99% of the responses I get are “doing something that I love”. Well it’s not about having million dollars, it’s about having the right tools and using them effectively so that you are able to reach your highest potentials and goals.

  • Increased acts of self care
  • More fulfilling relationships
  • Ability to deal better with feelings
  • Build up your confidence
  • Positive change in behavior
  • Improved Communication
  • Enhanced Self esteem and Body image
  • Feeling Empowered
  • Comfortable being with yourself

I assist my clients through their healing process, helping them to develop or enhance skills that they can use on their own. I can help reach the source of their fears, obstacles that typically prevent them from achieving their highest potential.

One example of a tool used in therapy or counselling that proves to be beneficial is guided imagery, which is a form of meditation. It is much like having a dream in a wake state. It allows the body and the mind to communicate to heal emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Whenever you are tapping into the emotions of a past trauma, or learning new insights of yourself, you’re literally tapping into your own unconscious.

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