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My Approach I have had married couples come in to my office who are at the point of walking away from one another. After learning the techniques and methods within Counselling, many have realized that re-building their marriage was not as difficult as they once imagined.

My services offer a very supportive and positive environment in which all individuals are able to express themselves freely. I am quite familiar with the variety of distress that can be present within a marriage. Whether trust barriers or feelings of resentment exist, or if your marriage is continually causing affliction for you or your spouse, together, we can find the solutions. toronto marriage and counselling services

What if my spouse does not want to attend Counselling? It is not uncommon that one person in the marriage does not want to attend Counselling. For some people, it’s simply beyond their comfort level at that particular time. However, that doesn't mean that you should give up on your marriage or on yourself. Often times, it’s not that the other person does not want to contribute to the well being of the marriage, they simply have many underlying doubts of the effectiveness of Counselling. Perhaps that derives from watching too many movies or television shows where the therapist tells the client what to do, how to do it and then sends the client the bill!

None the less, your spouse may need some time to understand the value of Counselling vicariously through your experiences.

How many sessions do we need to attend? I fear that this could cost a lot. The amount of time it will take to resolve the issues that are present within your marriage depends on your willingness to open up emotionally and the level of honesty you have with yourself and your spouse.

Counselling is not a "one size fits all" solution, and neither are therapists! I strive to be as direct and concise with all of my clients so they consistently receive quality sessions. Based on feedback, what all of my clients have come to realize, even after one session, is that Counselling is worth it and their happiness is important enough that they will invest the time in themselves and their marriage.

If the circumstances within your marriage are quite overwhelming and you are contemplating divorce, I can assure you that simply filing for a divorce can cost as much as thirty sessions of Counselling...

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