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My Approach The essence of my practice is based on a holistic approach. Holistic counselling treats the individual's body, mind, and spirit.

It may be beneficial to clients to explore counselling in other ways than through dialogue. I am well versed with a variety of experiential techniques such as guided imagery, role playing, journaling, art counselling, dream analysis, inner child and sub-personality dialogue to name a few.

You will be encouraged to identify and express feelings, emotions, perceptions and experiences.

As your counsellor, I will listen attentively to your concerns and reasons for attending counselling. We will work together to identify and move past the difficulties that brought you to counselling. I will also provide you with my professional point of view when appropriate, always in a supportive and positive outlook and provide you with effective tools and strategies to help you deal with challenges in your everyday living.

We will develop a treatment plan that will best accommodate your needs and schedule.

Experience One of my strongest passions in life is helping people. I always have enjoyed listening to people and assisting them to face their challenges. After 7 years of being a Psychotherapist, I have since changed my focus to spiritual counselling, working with women facing difficulties in their relationships, including marriages, common law and other partners as well as family members.

I am very familiar working with clients in severe circumstances such as infidelity, abuse, divorce, grieving the loss of a loved one to name a few. As a holistic counselling, I will encourage you to explore areas of your life to help you grow both personally and spiritually.

I attended Transformational Arts College of Canada and graduated in 2007.

The program had a strong base in emotional healing and experiential work, employing concepts from transpersonal and transformational psychotherapy, relationships and group counselling, and the development of psychotherapeutic and counselling skills.

Located near Christie or Woodbine Subway Station

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