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Couples Counselling Counselling focuses on communication, underlying conflicts and emphasizes on the growth in the relationship in order to help to rediscover happiness. Helping my clients to seek out their own individuality is the key to resolution.

If you are facing difficult moments or decisions in your relationship, I provide a sensible approach so that we can work through them together.

Whether you and your partner want to resolve conflicts, settle family issues, or are contemplating marriage and would like a perspective from someone outside of the situation, you have come to the right place.

How will counselling improve my relationship? Counselling will only work if you are willing to put effort into the process. If you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and feelings with me and are willing to stretch beyond your emotional comfort zone, Counselling will help you find or discover what you and your partner are looking to get from your relationship.

If there are serious concerns of trust or resentment within your relationship, those can certainly be worked out. Though it may be difficult to acknowledge and allow painful experiences to resurface, there is no scheduled agenda in Counselling that must be followed. What's important to understand, is that Counselling is a process of healing and you will not be forced to do or talk about anything that you are unwilling to.

Is it mandatory that both I and my partner attend counselling? It's not mandatory that both partners are always (or ever) present in the sessions. Providing counselling to one of two partners is not uncommon and the level of effectiveness that Counselling can offer will not decrease. What generally happens is that over the course of time your partner will notice the changes within you and may be stimulated to attend themselves. However, that is their rightful decision and should not be held against their will to do so...

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